MUET IEEE Student Branch holds mega event: IEEE DIALOGUE

19/02/2016 - 9:29am

MUET IEEE Student Branch holds mega event : IEEE DIALOGUE (DIscovering Abilities and Lifetime Opportunities for GradUating Engineers), 2016

A report by Moiz Baloch, Chair, IEEE Student Branch, Mehran UET, Jamshoro.

IEEE Student Branch chapter Mehran University organized a technical event, IEEE DIALOGUE 2016, on 27th of January. This event took place at Mehran University’s auditorium. The event was all based on seminars for grooming the students on how to become a successful person, how to excel in interviews and job tests, how to connect with the busy world, how to avail scholarships and how to start their own business.

The speakers for this event were Mir Muhammad Ali khan, a well know business man, Mr. Tahir Mehmood chowdhry, a well know speaker on entrepreneurship, Rana Muhammad Idress from PSO, Engr Tahir Saleem, Vice President (South) IEEE, Muhammad Nabeel, speaker on scholarships and Engr. Parkash, Education Activities Chair.

It started with the recitation of Holy Quran. Dr. Bhawani Shankar Chowdhary, in his welcome address, congratulated the Team of IEEE and welcomed the Guests different organizations.


The event then started with the first session, by Mr. Tahir Mehmood Chowdhry. His session was all based on how to make one’s career successful. He gave students all the knowledge they may ever need to start their own success story. Students took keen interest in his Lessons and promised him to work actively on the steps he told. After this we had an mind blowing session by Mir Muhammad Ali khan on how to become successful in life and how one must never give up.



After the sessions of these two wonderful speakers IEEE had Rana Muhammad Idrees, from PSO, telling the students of MUET that what is the selection criteria for companies while conducting interviews. He showed different processes and asked several questions. He even answered some questions asked by the students. His session was totally based on ways to excel an interview. After this we had 2 more speakers, Engr. Parkash and Mr. Tahr Saleem, which provided information to students regarding their career, which in future will come in very handy to them.

Muhammad Nabeel after this came up and provided information to students regarding scholarships and also told them how to avail them. His session lasted for 1 hour and students kept noting down every point he was telling them. Students started asking very interesting questions and Nabeel without any problem kept answering them. Nabeel, with a brilliant attitude, kept the interest of the students and gave valuable information.


After the mind blowing sessions of our Speakers the worthy Vice Chancellor of Mehran University of Engineering and Technology joined the students. Along with him was the chief guest of the day, Swiss council in Karachi Emil Wyss, and the Guest of Honor, Jordin Din. After being a part of IEEE DIALOGUE2016 the Vice Chancellor of Mehran UET addressed the students with his kind words and also was thanking the Chief Guest for his presence. The Vice chancellor while addressing the students told them to focus more on the things which are meant to be and not the things which have no importance in life. He added that “there will be many ups and downs in life but never give up because once you give up there is a possibility you may not be able to do It again. Giving up is for loser and we expect you to teach loser and not to become one yourself.”

The worthy Vice chancellor also highlighted some of the important things which will soon be provided to the students of MUET. He said “We are creating an atmosphere for you students where you not only study about your subjects but also get to learn different things because not only studies can make one perfect but his attitude and behavior towards different situations also mean a lot. That’s why Mehran UET will be providing students a pleasant and safe atmosphere where interaction is made easy like never before. “



After the Vice Chancellor the chief guest addresed the students. The Consul General of Switzerland in Karachi - Mr. Emil Wyss - while interacting with graduating engineering students of Mehran University of Engineering and Technology - Jamshoro (MUET), highlighted that self-confidence and pro-activeness play an important role in enhancing employability skills and management capacity. The Consul General was Chief Guest of IEEE Dialogue’16, a big career development event organized by MUET’s Faculty of Electrical, Electronics, & Computer Engineering under the umbrella of IEEE MUET Student Branch. Citing a recent international survey according to which Pakistani students are the 4th most intelligent in the world, the Consul General mentioned that Pakistan’s 65% youth population is a huge asset for the country’s economy sustainable growth. The chief Guest also gave chocolates and took pictures with the student present in the Auditorium.

After this shields were presented to the speakers, Dean FEECE, and President of IEEE, MehranUET Student branch by the Chief guest of the day. Certificates were Presented to all the Teacher coordinators and a vote of thanks was done by Dr. B. S. Chowdhry. In vote of Thanks Dr. B. S. Chowdhry motivated students to not only try to avail opportunities but to also create some for the students coming after them. He advised them to leave a mark where ever they go so that one day when people look back they know was behind the success of it.