Chairman's Message

This department was established in the year 1979 under the umbrella of Department of Mechanical Engineering and Full-fledged Department in 1987 introduced first time in Mehran University as compared to other Public/Private sector universities in Pakistan. Our graduates are already serving the reputable organizations both in Pakistan and abroad. The department offers Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) undergraduate program in the morning and Postgraduate Diploma (P.G.D) and Master of Engineering (M.E) in the evening in Industrial engineering and management. The syllabus of undergraduate program (B.E) has been designed completely on the basis of Outcome based Education (OBE) system. The curriculum is up to dated supporting to the practical work of the various established laboratories in the department. The syllabus of Postgraduate program (M.E) has also been designed based on linkage of the academia-and the industry. The mission of Industrial Engineering and Management program is to produce highly quality based professional engineers and strategic mangers having sound managerial and technical skills in the all areas of Industrial Engineering and Management and can play their leading role in academia and industry for socio-economic development of society.
The department of industrial engineering and management is furnished with latest equipments and software’s e.g.  3D Printers with Accessories, 3D Models, Afinia 3D Printing Software,  Injection Molding Machine, Vib expert II, Optalign (alignment tool), Test Rigs for Vibration, Omni trend center/software, Electronic Push/Pull Dynamometer, Hand Arm Vibration and Vibration Severity Meter, Digital Psychrometer, Flash Master Light Meter, Decibel Digital Sound Level Meter, Hygro-Thermo-Anemometer-Light Meter, Noise Dosimeter/Datalogger with PC Interface,Multimedia Video Task Analysis SystemMVTA),   Portable Lift Table, ISO 9001 Gravity Roller Conveyor for Pallet Delivery, LTW's E2 Ergonomic Electric Adjustable Height Industrial Workstations & Workbenches, Stop Watches, microFET2 Digital Manual Muscle Tester,
The department of industrial engineering and management is supported and equipped with highly qualified faculty and modern laboratories as mentioned below;  
• Workshop Laboratory
• Operations Research Laboratory
• Computer Aided Engineering and Simulation Laboratory
• Vicon Motion Capture System Laboratory
• Additive Manufacturing Laboratory
• Condition Monitoring Laboratory
• Human Factors and Time and Motion Study Laboratory
• Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Laboratory
Our faculty members are also involved in conducting research and collaboration with the industries as well.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Saleh Jumani
Department of Industrial Engineering and Management