Air and Noise Pollution Control Laboratory

Staff Names-Qualifications

Practical Courses Conducted

Name   of   Major   Equipment

Nature of Experiments

No. of Students   per   Workstation

  1. Dr. Muhammad Safar Korai
    (Professor Incharge – Ph.D)
  2. Engr. Abdul Aziz Chan
    (Teacher Incharge – M.E)
  3. Engr. Imtiaz Ahmed 
    (Lab. Supervisor - M.E)
  4. Mr. Moula Bux Dars(Lab. Attendant – M.A)
  • Air and Noise Pollution control
  1. Flue Gas Analyzer Testo 350
  2. Combustible Gas Leak detector
  3. Ambient Carbon Monoxide meter
  4. Ambient SO2 gas monitor
  5. Ambient NO2 gas monitor
  6. Digital Sound Level meter


5 to 6



             Testo-flue Analyzer                                                                                            Noise Level Meter


                     SOx-NOx Detector                                                                                                     CO Detector