The components of Environment (Atmosphere, Land, water and Ocean) are being threatened by Anthropogenic (Mankind) and Industrial activities, which required to be cared for living Organisms. Greenhouse gases, unattended solid waste, over exploitation of water resources and disposing of waste water in to ocean generates Air pollution, water pollution, land degradation and marine pollution problems respectively. The course syllabus of Energy and Environmental Engineering makes students expertise to reduce the pollutant controlling equipment, solid waste management, water treatment techniques and wastewater treatment techniques specially focusing the pollution due the conversion of primary sources of energy into the secondary and tertiary. The course also highlights Environmental Impact Assessment of energy projects, Environmental Health and Safety and monitoring/auditing tools of ISO 14000 and ISO 18000. The course work of Postgraduate Diploma is comprised of 33 credit hours with 11 subjects to be completed in three semesters in full time evening program. After qualifying 60% overall marks in all subject and 50% marks in each subject, candidate will be eligible to take Masters Thesis with minimum possible time of 6 month. Institute of Environmental Engineering & Management is offering academic excellence to the graduate students through will- experienced and highly qualified visiting faculty available in University and outside as well as internship with Industries.


Ph.D. degree program in Envirnmental Engineering and Masters degree program in Energy & Environmental Engineering offered by Institute of Environmental Engineering & Management (IEEM), Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro, Pakistan.






Mid and ​Final Semester