Graduate Programs

Serial No. Subject Code C.H. Semester
01 Advanced Linear Algebra MTH635 03 First
02 Advanced Differential Equations MTH625 03 First
03 Scientific Computing MTH605 03 First
04 Applied Statistics MTH665 03 Second
05 Operations Research and Optimization MTH655 03 Second
06 Computational Fluid Dynamics MTH615 03 Second
07 Finite Element Analysis MTH745 03 Third
08 Modelling and Simulation MTH705 03 Third

Syllabi for the above subjects can be found here.

MPhil in Applied Mathematics

The department of Basic Sciences and Related Studies has commenced the MPhil (Applied Mathematics) program in 2014 and the courses have been designed as per the curriculum approved by the Higher Education of Commission (HEC), Pakistan. The program's core objectives are to produce graduates who can effectively collaborate with entrepreneurs and industrialists to obtain solutions to their problems at the national and international levels via mathematical and research skills garnered during their course of studies